Legendaarisen ohjaajan John Landisin käsikirjoittajapoikaa syytetään seksuaalisesta hyväksikäytöstä


Uusi Hollywood-kohu on valmis.

Legendaarisen ohjaajan John Landisin poikaa Maxia syytetään seksuaalisesta hyväksikäytöstä. Max Landis on käsikirjoittanut muun muassa Netflixin hittileffan Brightin.

Twitter repesi, kun Landisin ex-tyttöystävä sekä joukko muita naisia avautui miehen teoista julkisesti.

Anna Akana, Landisin tekemän Youtube-videon Wrestling Isn’t Wrestlingin tähti, vastasi vuonna 2017 Netflixin virallisen Twitter-tilin Bright-mainokseen ”Psykopaatin kirjoittama elokuva, joka raiskaa ja hakkaa naisia, eikö vain? Cool.”

Tämä syytös ei johtanut vielä mihinkään, mutta eilen Landisin ex-tyttöystävä Whitney Moore kirjoitti melko pitkän Twitter-viestin, jossa kuvailee miehen olevan hyväksikäyttäjä.

Hänen tuekseen saapui muita ex-tyttöystäviä, kuten Ani Easton Baker, joka kuvailee miehen käytöstä melko rajulla tavalla.

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If you have found my page via Max Landis, hi, I’m going to give you some direct info I wish I had gotten, because the experience/aftermath of this person is really destructive, and it will be riddled with pain and emotional work that you don’t need to spend your precious energy on. If you are close to him you will think he’s “honest” because he seems upfront about his shortcomings, but he’s not honest. He tells everyone a different story about his past, his “diagnoses” and his behavior. He leaves out the things you wouldn’t stand for. You’ll think he’s willing to change because he cops to his bad behavior, but he’s omitting the worst stuff, the horrifying stuff he knows you can’t handle and again, wouldn’t stand for. The stories he tells everyone about what he’s done to people in his life are different, too. He shifts them based on what he needs from you and what he thinks will get you and keep you, on his side. You’ll think he’s remorseful because he performs intense emotions; those emotions are SOLELY due to fear of consequences (finally) and they have nothing to do with the feelings of others. It took me close to three years to fully grasp this. He does not care about your feelings. You’ll think he loves you DIFFERENTLY because he’ll say so and he’ll spend more money than you’ve ever seen on trips and experiences that are new to you, and he’ll use the “right words,” sometimes, but pay attention to his ACTIONS, current and past. He will make you believe that his past doesn’t count because he’s different now. Even his past with YOU won’t count. You won’t be allowed to still be hurt about vicious things he did a few months ago, because he’s “different now.” He’s the same, he’s just trying different things. Pay attention to your own actions, too. How often are you crying? How much are you venting to friends and therapists? How often are you trying to improve yourself to please him? How often are you trying to make sense of aggressively confusing and hurtful behavior so that you can get back to internal peace?

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