Tältä näyttivät alkuperäiset Thorin vasarat – konsepteja julki (kuva)

Komeitahan ne ovat?

Thorilla ei enää vasaraa edes ole, mutta ensimmäistä Kenneth Branaghin ohjaamaa Thor-leffaa varten tehtiin kova työ sen oikean työkalun löytämiseksi.

Suuren työn teki Marvelin taiteilija Charlie Wen. Hän suunnitteli useita erilaisia vasaroita, ennen kuin lopulliseen versioon päädyttiin. Vasara piti myös saada ajoissa valmiiksi leluvalmistuksen vuoksi.

Alta voit katsella Wenin jakamaa kuvaa.

I promised a few weeks ago that I’d take you back to the very early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I knew @ryan_meinerding_art way back because I’d hired him onto God of War, then a few years later, he invited me to meet with Kevin @kevfeige to talk about helping to develop more films for Marvel since Ironman was such a success. I was supposed to have a long lead time to develop the look and feel of the Avengers world years before production, which would have been incredible to have that kind of time- but I was pulled into developing the look and feel of Thor’s world first as it needed help. I began design passes for Thor & Asgard, but was asked to design his hammer (Mjölnir) first because Hasbro needed to begin production on its toy line (shortly after this, @kenneth_branagh joined on to direct the film!— huge fan since Henry V!). The first image is the initial pass that goes from more traditional to wacky. The purpose was to begin establishing with Kevin a sense of boundaries and comfort levels for the magical realms of the MCU (in comparison to the earthly ground of Ironman’s tech). It’s always necessary to go too far! In these stages, it was paramount to begin designing the MCU as a connected and cohesive universe. The following images are hammer designs that got approved for the film (and toy;). #marvel #throwback #marvelcinematicuniverse #thor #avengers #photooftheday #conceptart #charliewen_art

Henkilön Charlie Wen (@charliewen_art) jakama julkaisu

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