Somessa keskustellaan nyt Ace Venturan ongelmallisuudesta – aiheuttanut melkoista närää

Ace Venturasta on löydetty ongelmallisia kohtauksia.

Jim Carreylla piti kiireitä 90-luvulla. Vuonna 1994 hän teki kolme elokuvaa, joista yksi oli ensimmäinen Ace Ventura – Lemmikkietsivä. Acen Ventura täytti juuri 25 vuotta!

Nyt nuori yleisö on löytänyt elokuvan ja pitää sitä ongelmallisena.

Somessa kuhistaan muun muassa elokuvan transfobiasta. Se tekee pilaa erään transnaishahmon seksuaalisuudesta.

Esimerkiksi Joe Rogan puhui aiheesta omassa podcastissään (1 t 47 min kohdalla):

Myös malli ja aktivisti Munroe Bergdorf otti asian esille.

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When I was growing up, transgender women – especially transgender women of colour had next to zero positive representation in the media and there was almost no information or understanding about us. If we were portrayed on television or in films, it was solely in tragic storylines or with our gender as the punchline of a joke. As an 8 year old, I remember watching the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, starring comedian Jim Carey, at a classmates house after school. Sorry to ruin the ending if you haven't seen it (don't bother), it ends in the movie's villain being caught, stripped to her underwear and exposed as in fact 'a man'. Then to add insult to injury, everyone in the room starts vomiting as they have all engaged in sex with her. This film was given a PG certificate. Imagine being eight years old, knowing that you're transgender but not having the language to verbalise it and then seeing a scene like this including a trans person, played by a cis woman – it may see trivial to some but I carried that 'punchline' throughout my adolescence, it made me feel guilty and confused about who I truly was, so I pushed my true self into my subconscious and tried to be someone I was not. Fast forward two decades and I am so proud to be doing my bit for transgender visibility in the media. I'm by no stretch of the imagination a perfect person, but none of us are. However, I'm a whole person, with flaws, aspirations and interests. I'm often referred to a role model for the community, which annoys me because none of us need to be compared to each other. But I'm definitely down to be considered as a role option if anyone does see themselves in me or my story. Thank you L'Oréal for giving me this platform, I hope it reaches another little 8 year old trans girl and makes her feel a little more hopefull and a little less scared about her future, than what was installed in me when I was her age. The world is changing and I like how the world is changing. Because we are ALL worth it. #allworthit #yourstruly @lorealmakeup.

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