Voi ei! James Gunnin rakas koira on kuollut – katso ohjaajan muistot koirastaan, mukana Chris Pratt ja Michael Rooker

Wesley on kulkenut Gunnin mukana jo pitkään.

James Gunnin rakas koira Dr. Wesley Von Spears kuoli aiemmin tällä viikolla. Koita oli jo melkein 17-vuotias, joten ehtihän karvaturri nähdä kaikenlaista.

Gunn on nyt julkaissut kuvia Wesleystä. Kuvissa ovat muun muassa Michael Rooker ja Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxyn kuvauksissa.

Gunn tekee tällä hetkellä Warnerille DC:n The Suicide Squad -sarjakuvaleffaa, jonka ensi-ilta on elokuun 6. päivä 2021.

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All humans and most animals have a point in their lives where they feel hurt or betrayed or rejected and thereafter they never fully trust others, at least not initially. There’s a wariness that all of us carry from that earlier life damage. One of the most beautiful things about Wesley was, although he had been a street dog, he didn’t have wariness or doubt about himself whatsoever. He just automatically assumed that everyone in the world loved him and he loved everyone. Sometimes he was wrong! He was in my office for all of my meetings on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, and would become temporary best friends with whatever actor or head of department came to meet with me – most of whom loved a very friendly dog hanging around. But one actor meeting with me for a role clearly didn’t like dogs. When Wes sidled up to her, wagging his tail, she was like, “Ugh.” When she sat down on my couch to discuss the role, he sat on her lap, doggy smiling, tongue dangling, staring up at me, like, “Look at this cool person I found!” I was embarrassed and kept making him get down but he’d gaze at me, baffled, like, “What kind of monster are you to deprive this poor woman of ME?” He pranced out of the room with blissful confidence that that actor, like all others, adored him. (No, she didn’t get the role). I often think of Wesley as my role model in that way – how great would it be always believing I was awesome, everyone thought I was awesome, and every person I met was as awesome as me? Every individual was a pure delight and someone to get to know immediately and intimately. That was Wes. They say our dogs become like us. Me, I hope I became more like him. #vonspears

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The clip clop of your toenails against the floor behind me was the soundtrack of my life. For nearly seventeen years, you were with me. I’ve spent more time with you than any other being on this planet. You lived with me across the world – in Los Angeles, in London, in Malibu, in Atlanta. You roamed the sets of my films (and roamed into more than one shot). You were with me through my successes and failures, and you didn’t care a whit about them, as long as I was there for a cuddle, a belly rub, a wrestle, a walk, or a treat. Every night you would fall asleep curled tightly against my side and every morning you would lick my calf good morning while I peed. When I had to be away in a hotel room and couldn’t sleep, I’d take a pillow from the bed and put it against my side and pretend it was you. It usually helped. Through a divorce and a chaotic single life and various relationships, you were my one true constant. And in my darkest hours, you were the slim tether of love and joy that kept me connected to this fragile life. To the world you were Dr. Wesley Von Spears, or Von Spears, but to me you were Wesley, and the best friend I ever had. I love you, buddy. Thank you for making me a better man. — Wesley passed away peacefully in my arms last week. The crew, cast, and studio were kind enough to allow me to shut down production in Panama and fly home to be with him. Although Jenn and I are both heartbroken, we know Wesley had an amazing, long life filled with people who loved him, and wise and compassionate veterinary care. Playful until the very end, he had come a long way from a stray, matted, snaggle-toothed puppy found wandering the streets of Carson City, California. Thank you to all of you, too numerous to mention, who helped make his life so wonderful and healthy. And, if you are so inclined, please consider making a donation to @SpayPanama to help dogs that don’t have the same advantages Wesley had. ❤️ #VonSpears

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