Näyttelijä-malli Brooklyn Decker näyttää tunnistamattomalta meikittömässä Instagram-kuvassa – totuttu näkemään ”ultra-glamöörinä”


Arkisempi puoli hänelläkin.

Näyttelijätär ja entinen malli Brooklyn Decker jakoi meikittömän kuvan Instagramissa. Useammatkin julkkikset ovat jakaneet sellaisia viime vuosien aikana.

Decker tunnetaan muun muassa elokuvista Battleship (2011) sekä Stretch (2014). Daily Mailin mukaan Decker on totuttu näkemään erittäin hohdokkaana punaisilla matoilla, mutta hänelläkin on arkinen puolensa.

Kuvatekstissä Decker ihmetteli, ”miksi sabotoi itseään tällä tavalla.” Voit katsoa meikittömän ja muutaman muun kuvan alta.


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Contrary to the advice of my mental health professional, one of my new year’s resolutions is to Engage MORE on social media. Post MORE. Share MORE. So I will be sharing some throw backs and other images I’ve kept locked away for many many years. This was one of my first shoots in New York, I think I was 18, and mostly naked. (My commercial agent told me these kinds of pics get high engagement!) The makeup artist was talking about a juice cleanse and I said “You clean with juice? But doesn’t it get sticky?!” This was the same week I went very blonde and the hair colorist at Fredrick Fekkai salon found a tick on my scalp. ‘Twas not ready for the big city. 📷: @walterechin

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I’ve been an Austin resident for 10 years.. fell in love with it the second I stepped foot here 12 years ago. I’ve followed and admired Texas filmmakers for even longer than that. Linklater, Rodriguez, Bujalski, Nichols, Hancock, Hardwicke, Judge the list goes on. I’ve always felt like an outsider in this business, maybe it’s because I had an unconventional path, maybe it’s because I have serious imposter syndrome? Either way- thank you to @austinfilm for welcoming me into your circle. I feel so honored. Moreover, this woman @junediane is the dear dear dear friend who presented the award. Nicer words have never been spoken about me by any human. I was brought to tears. You guys know I don’t like doing serious posts on here, but I truly am humbled by all the love. And thank you to @joeofsnark for being my forever cheerleader.

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